About Us



Hello, My name is Danny and Im the founder of DRIBAK. 
Ever since being about 12yrs old, I dreamed of becoming a British Paratrooper and I followed this profusely from everyday onwards. From the Army joining age of 16 it took me 7 years of injuries and a bucket full of tears to finally become what I had always dreamed, a British Paratrooper. What I went through with injuries as young kid and watching all my mates run around without the tiniest niggle made me into the fitness enthusiast I am today, not a day goes by where I don't appreciate being able bodied and healthy. 
This gratitude is what makes me work my ass off in every session, whether that be running, cycling, swimming, BJJ or lifting weights in the gym (my favourite). I'll pop in here that I have only done one triathlon, but it was the IRONMAN, so that's me done for triathlons now!



Subsequently, this has led me down the path of building DRIBAK. I was sick of having to constantly lean forward when driving home after a sweaty session so as to avoid soaking the car seat in sweat, something that was especially annoying if I was getting showered and then going straight to work or going out. None of us want to put clean clothes on just to then lean back onto a sweaty seat and ruin our fresh dry clothes... 
In 2017 an idea kicked off in my mind. I started working on it, but then life happened and it went on hold. This year however, in March 2021, I finally gathered the courage and was determined to take actionable steps towards mass producing my idea and helping many other fellow fitness enthusiasts, I knew I wouldn't be the only one with this problem. After searching through a range of seat covers, I realised that the ones that are already available in the market are very bulky, take up too much room and aren't very aesthetically pleasing to say the least. I was looking for something minimal, something that will only be seen when in use and when it was in use, I wanted it to actually look smart. 
Over the next 6 months, DRIBAK slowly came to fruition after many back and fourths with many suppliers. I finally had my finished product. I was over the moon with it! 

Heres to the first year of solving a problem you didn't know needed solving...

Thank you for getting this far!